Photos Of 20 Inch Rims And Tires

20 Inch Chrome 5 Star Rims On A Black Chevrolet SSR

You really do not see that many Chevrolet SSR’s any more since they were discontinued a couple years back. They really did not make that much sense from the get go since they you did not get the benefit of a truck bed because the convertible top went in the back. The Chevy SSR could move out though with its V8. I don’t know how I feel about the flames on this one but the chrome 20 inch rims look good. This guy was cruising down Woodward during the 2008 Dream Cruise.

20 Inch Chrome GMC Sierra 1500 Trucks Denali Hybrid Wheels Rims
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1 Mike { 08.23.08 at 9:00 pm }

The roof sections vertically stack into a stowage compartment and do not go into the trucks 5’x4′ BED. Come visit us @ 5,000 members strong, from all over the World. Flames on a RETRO ride just add to the fun of the 1950’s styling! The 19’s & 20’s were a factory tire/wheel combo to give it that 50’s Hot Rod stance. Come & check out the Gallery of members SSR’s.